Phase 1

The Kitchen (In planning stage)

We have a commercial kitchen that requires a full renovation to bring it up to code.  Final plans to be submitted to the City on February 14th, 2023. 

Our kitchen will provide services to our community by:

  1. Feeding the hungry - providing a soup and sandwich lunch Monday - Saturday.
  2. Teaching - offering life-skill development related to meal planning, budgeting, cooking, and clean-up.
  3. Employment - the kitchen will become a social enterprise that will generate income to support our work and employee individuals who have low or no income, providing an income to help sustain their families.

The Pantry (In renovation stage)

The Pantry will provide food supplement to low or no income earners.  Individuals will be provided a voucher and will be invited to spend their voucher on food items in our pantry.  We feel individuals should be able to have choice on what they want to eat.

The Clothing Depot (In renovation stage)

The clothing depot will provide adult, teen, and children clothing as well as baby clothing and items.  Individuals will be provided a voucher to shop in the Clothing Depot.