How to Get Involved

Are you curious about how to get involved with Break Free?  Attend a Difference Maker Introduction Night!!  You will have the opportunity to hear the vision for Break Free Outreach Ministries, take a tour of the facility, meet current volunteers, and hear about our plans for the future.  We have a robust Difference Maker Training program (full day - lunch included!!) that will equip you to use your gifts and talents.

Why become a Difference Maker?

  • To be an example of Christ to those who do and do not know Him.
  • To strengthen our community.
  • To make connections with the people you are helping and cultivate friendships with other volunteers.
  • To expand your knowledge and understanding of others who experience life differently than you do.
  • To broaden your awareness as you learn about different cultures and ways of life in your community.
  • To experience a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  • Because we cannot do this without you!

Become a volunteer

Ways to Be a Difference Maker

Your passion for others makes the programs and support services at Break Free possible!  Our model of outreach ministry relies on the outpouring of God's love through people just like you.  We would not be able to provide programs and support services to vulnerable citizens in our community without the commitment, dedication, and willingness of men and women who selflessly offer their time, energy, talents, and resources to those we serve.

Here are three ways to be a difference maker:

1. Contribute your time, energy, and resources:

  • Provide items for our drop-in-centre: coffee, tea, sugar, creamers, stir sticks, healthy snacks, paper or Styrofoam cups, and napkins.
  • Provide food items for The Pantry.
  • Lead a life group or Bible study.
  • Mentor men and women transitioning out of incarceration.
  • Mentor men and women in their walk with Christ.
  • Lead a recovery group.
  • Be an ambassador for our ministry in your local church, workplace, and community.
  • Support our fundraisers.

2. Spiritual Support Team

We are all part of God’s saving ministry, each of us has a role.  Maybe serving on the front-line is not your gifting, however, praying for our ministry and being part of our prayer support team is a critical role of a Difference Maker.  Just as a church has a prayer chain, we would like to establish a team that we can send specific prayer requests to on behalf of the ministry, staff, and those we serve.  This is a vital part of keeping us strong and protected. God is glad to provide for our needs, to give strength to persevere through the trials of His people. At Break Free, we will be in a spiritual battle every single day for the souls in North Central.  We need prayers of protection daily and we know that prayer is our fiercest weapon against the enemy.  

For more information or to become part of this team, please call 306-565-3113 or email [email protected].

3. Charity Champion

As we move forward to do God’s work to support vulnerable citizens in our community, we require your support.  There are two critical areas where you can be a significance Difference Maker:

  1. Ongoing monthly contribution to support the day-to-day operations of Break Free. Wages for ministry staff, utilities, phone, supplies, maintenance, etc.
  2. A one-time contribution to support the capital costs to renovate the facility of Break Free Outreach Ministries. Please see our "Projects" page for more details.

Learn about giving options