Purpose and Values

Break Free Outreach Ministries is a Christ-centred organization that provides outreach ministry to vulnerable residents in our community.  We are located in the North Central area of Regina, SK.  Break Free is a fresh perspective to outreach services that will engage, equip, and empower individuals to make lifelong change resulting in a more satisfied and meaningful life. We reduce barriers, accept individuals where they are at, and support them to move to where they want to be.  Our approach is to not just give people a fish, but to teach them to fish!

We strongly believe that individuals can break free from any and every stronghold that keeps them stuck in a place where they see no hope in a better tomorrow. We serve from love with the purpose to engage people where they are at, equip them with what they need to move forward in life, and empower them to make choices that will transform them into all God created them to be.

Core Purpose´╗┐

To offer the Gospel message through programs and support services that help meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of vulnerable citizens in our community.

Core Values 

  1. Love: Love is our foundation and forms the basis of everything we do. To love our neighbour as ourselves is the natural result of our loving devotion toward God.
  2. Respect: We believe all people are created in the image of God.  We will value each individual and model respect and dignity in all interactions.
  3. Compassion:  We recognize the suffering of others and will take action to comfort those who are hurting.
  4. Generosity:  We give freely without expecting anything in return.
  5. Collaboration: We plan and implement programs and support services in consultation and collaboration with like-minded agents and organizations.

Vision Statement 

To be a centre of hope that engages, equips, and empowers individuals to live in the freedom of Christ.