Meet Adam

Adam’s journey embodies the very essence of Break Free, illustrating the profound impact of faith and redemption.

At one time, Adam had it all – love, family, and a thriving business. But when life took an unexpected turn, he found himself spiraling into unfamiliar territory. Struggling to cope, he turned to drugs which led to crime, and eventually he ended up homeless on the streets of Regina.

Adam became an expert at ‘binning’, which literally means, he lived out of the garbage. He rummaged for food and for items that might have some value that he could sell or trade to meet his needs.

Adam experienced several encounters with the law eventually landing him in the Regina Correctional Centre. It was at this time that Adam was presented with the option to participate in the Drug Treatment Court program – an alternative to serving his sentence in jail.

(Waiting his turn to be baptized at Harvest City Church.)

(Graduation day from Drug Treatment Court.)

The first six months of his recovery,
Adam spent a significant amount of
time at Break Free. He was curious and
had many questions about God and life.
He was looking for something different –
something better.

Today, Adam is a devoted follower of
Christ, no longer bound to the streets or
kept chained to an addiction, but
gainfully employed. Baptized at Harvest
City Church, he now spearheads a ‘bus
ministry’, extending a hand to fifteen
individuals from various walks of his life,
taking them to church every week. Two
of these individuals have come to the
Lord through Adam being willing to
serve where God positioned him.

Adam’s life radiates purpose and
meaning, a testament to the
transformative power of Christ. He
stands as a valuable member of our
community, his journey inspiring hope
and renewal in all who cross his path.

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