Become a Break Free DIFFERENCE MAKER

Join us in serving others and making a significant impact in their lives.

At Break Free, we are dedicated to fostering a community of care, compassion, and support for all individuals, regardless of their life circumstances or backgrounds. We invite you to become a Break Free Difference Maker and join us in creating positive change in our community.

Volunteer at Break Free Ministries Inc

Ways You Can Serve

Drop-In Center

Engage in meaningful conversation with visitors over a cup of coffee ensuring their needs are addressed with compassion and understanding.


Assist in cooking, meal preparation, serving our guests, and engaging with individuals and children in our community cooking activities.

Empower Kids™

Assist children in learning essential skills through practical activities that help them to learn how to cope in challenging circumstances and grow in character and confidence.

Bible Studies for Men & Women

Lead or participate in open discussions on Biblical teachings, encouraging shared learning and spiritual growth.

Exodus Outreach Services

Become a mentor and provide guidance, emotional support, and practical assistance to help men and women who are facing challenging circumstances that are keeping them stuck in place.

Recovery & Support Groups

Be part of a Celebrate Recovery Group that addresses individual hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Provide compassionate support to individuals on their recovery journey, offering guidance and understanding.

Benefits for Volunteers

Spiritual Growth

Deepen your relationship with Christ as you live out His teachings and experience His love in action.

Make an Impact

Create meaningful change in the lives of those in need, fostering a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Community Involvement

Engage with a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about serving and making a positive impact in their community.

Personal Growth

Develop empathy, understanding, and valuable skills through your interactions and experiences.

Find Fulfillment

Discover joy and fulfillment in contributing to the well-being and happiness of others.

How to Get Involved

Become a Difference Maker

To become a Break Free Difference Maker and join our team of dedicated volunteers, please complete the information below, and a Volunteer Application will be emailed to you, or call 306-565-3113 to request your package.