The Kitchen

Welcome to The Kitchen!

Our kitchen is the heart of Break Free, where nourishment, learning, and empowerment come together. It’s more than just a space to prepare food—it’s a dynamic hub where tummies are filled, skills are honed, and opportunities are crafted, all while fostering a strong sense of community.

Here, volunteers discover a meaningful way to serve our community’s most vulnerable. Together, we prepare nourishing meals destined for food hamper/care packages, providing essential support to those in need. But our kitchen is more than just about cooking—it’s about coming together, making a difference, and building a stronger, more compassionate community.

When you step into our kitchen, you will be enveloped by the comforting aroma of freshly prepared meals. Our soup kitchen will provide nourishing and delicious lunches and snacks to those in need. Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal, a friendly conversation, or a sense of belonging, our doors are open to all. Join us for a daily lunch that not only fills the stomach but also feeds the soul.

Our kitchen is more than just a place to eat – it’s a classroom for culinary exploration. We’re passionate about empowering individuals of all ages to develop essential cooking skills. Through our interactive community kitchen programs, children, youth, and families, will embark on a journey of discovery, learning age-appropriate culinary techniques and experimenting with fresh ingredients. From simple snacks to nutritious meals, we’re here to equip people with the skills necessary to plan and prepare simple meals.

The Culinary Connection Hub

The Culinary Connection Hub is an innovative, volunteer-run initiative that goes beyond traditional cooking classes. Here, participants and volunteers come together in a collaborative environment where everyone has something valuable to contribute. Together, volunteers and participants embark on a journey of culinary exploration, discovering the joys of creating delicious and nutritious meals from scratch.

The Culinary Connection Hub is about so much more than just cooking. It’s a space where friendships are formed, laughter is shared, and stories are told. It’s a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together, united by a common goal: to nourish both body and soul. As participants work side by side, chopping vegetables, stirring pots, and sharing recipes, they not only fill their fridges with homemade meals but also fill their hearts with a sense of acceptance and belonging. Whether you are cooking for one or cooking for a family, everyone is welcome at The Culinary Connection Hub.

Tiny Chef Academy

Welcome to the Tiny Chef Academy—an exhilarating culinary journey where kids become culinary superstars! From mastering basic kitchen skills to crafting simple yet delicious recipes, Tiny Chef Academy empowers children to explore the wonderful world of cooking while having a blast in the kitchen. But that’s not all—we’re here to help kids develop essential life skills too. As they chop, mix, and bake, they’re also learning valuable lessons in teamwork, patience, and responsibility. But here’s the twist: our cooking classes aren’t solely about kid-friendly recipes. They’re about crafting unforgettable memories, honing valuable skills, and experiencing pure joy in the kitchen!

So, whether your child dreams of becoming the next top chef or simply wants to have fun while learning valuable life skills, Tiny Chef Academy is the perfect place to start. Join us as we cook up some fun, explore global cuisines, and celebrate the joys of cooking together!

Together we will make a difference!

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